How Dry On Time makes the Insurance process easier for our clients?

Any type of damage to your property can be costly and stressful.
Let Dry On Time assist you with the insurance paperwork and make an already stressful situation a bit easier to handle.
We have over ten years of experience dealing with insurance companies and understand their processes.

Our approach is to make things as easy as possible for our customers. Instead of calling your insurance company, call Dry On Time first- we will contact your insurance company and work through their standards and processes to get the job done.
We will ask you a few standard questions regarding your situation. For example, if you have had water damage, we will ask you if the water has turned off, if the damage was caused by hot or cold water, and a few other questions that may be specific to your case.

Dry On Time’s intention is to help our clients through this stressful time. By allowing us to take on the burden of contacting your insurance company, we ensure that all issues with the restoration are handled correctly. In addition, we will provide them with all documentation needed to ensure that you are fully covered for any damage that occurred. The objective is that you don’t have to pay for job specifics that should have been covered by your insurance, only because you missed one of the insurance forms. Let Dry On Time take care of the entire process!

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