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Prepare your NJ Home from Water Damage & Mold this Winter Season

No one wants to deal with water damage restoration and mold removal. We put together a few tips to help you do your best to avoid problems. If you do need help, then Dry On Time is just a phone call away day or night.

Clean your gutters and inspect the roof

When you have debris or damage to the roof, it can cause snow and ice to build up and infiltrate the roof. Leaks invite mold to grow in dark areas under the drywall. Keeping the gutters clear helps steer water down and away from the roof. Make sure to check for ice dams and uneven heating on your roof to find issues that need attention.

Make sure water does not pond against your foundation

Once you get the water, snow, and ice off the roof and down the gutters, you should make sure it stays away from the foundation of your home too. Otherwise, it can get into cracks, leaky windows and doors, and saturated foundations.

Get a furnace check

When summer is ending, you will want to think about calling an expert like Dry On Time in New Jersey to check out your heating system in Paramus. A thorough cleaning can help you avoid the need for mold removal when the house is closed up tight.

Other tips from experts

  • Seal your windows and doors with caulk to prevent moisture leakage
  • Flip the switch on your ceiling fans
  • Mulch the leaves
  • Schedule a fireplace cleaning and inspection
  • Turn off the faucets outside and disconnect garden hoses

Do your best to prevent a situation requiring mold removal with our simple tips. If you find yourself in need of water damage restoration, then we can help. Call Dry On Time at 1-800-775-7876.

Welcome to the new Dry on Time website

We are starting 2017 off right by launching our brand new website. If you need emergency help with restoration for commercial and residential homes alike that have been damaged by water, fire, smoke, and mold, please contact us to request our services. For over fifteen years, we’ve served hundreds of homes throughout New Jersey and all of New York City, helping to dry out living or working spaces in the aftermath of disaster, then removing all evidence that the disaster ever happened. We have helped hundreds of people get their lives back to normal after a fire or flood.